If you would like to attend the PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2016 registration on this website is required. This registration is binding for attending the PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2016. The registration fee of € 310,- includes the seminar documents, lunch on all three days of the seminar and the conference dinner as well as soft drinks during plenary lectures and the breaks.

Deadline for completion of the registration procedure is January 29, 2016! 

If you have any questions or need help with the website please contact the PLANT 2030 Managing Office (

If you register after January 29, 2016 an increased registration fee will be due.

Registration Fee & Payment

For registrations after January 29, 2016 there will be a surcharge of € 30 therefore the fee after the deadline is € 340,-.

Please transfer the registration fee of € 310,-/ € 340,- to the following account:

Account holder: MPI für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie
Bank: Deutsche Bank AG München
Reason for payment: "participant name" (first name and surname)
Additional reason for payment: 16. Status Seminar
Account No.: 195 130 003
BLZ: 70070010
IBAN: DE73 7007 0010 0195 130 003

Don’t forget to indicate the participant’s name (first name and surname)! This information is indispensable for the assignment of the received payment.

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Cancellation Policy

If you are not able to attend the seminar cancellation is possible until March 4, 2016.

After this date full registration fee has to be paid regardless of whether you are attending the seminar. However, changing the participant’s name (i.e. sending a substitute) is still possible.

This policy does not apply for hotel reservations! Please contact the hotel for further information.

Secrecy Agreement

With your registration you have to sign the secrecy agreement and pay the registration fee. Each attendant is obliged to sign a secrecy agreement.

Please fax the agreement until January 29, 2016 to the PLANT 2030 Managing Office: +49 (0) 331 - 567 89 8301.

Please fill out a registration form and send a signed secrecy agreement to the PLANT 2030 Managing Office even if you have received a personal invitation.

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Venue of the PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2016 is the Kongresshotel Potsdam on Lake Templin.

Kongresshotel Potsdam am Templiner See
Am Luftschiffhafen 1
14471 Potsdam

central management
phone: +49 (0)331 907-0

phone: +49 (0)331 907-7 1000
fax: +49 (0)331 907-7 0777

How to get there

To book your room you can use the hotels's booking system


UPDATE: The room contingent was partly prolonged until January 15th 2016.

If you have any problems using the system, please contact the hotel directly.

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Rooms for Side Meetings

If you need a room for a side meeting, please contact the Kongresshotel Potsdam directly!

Presentation & Lecture


The agenda of the PLANT 2030 Status Seminar 2016 includes oral presentations by both, project consortia and invited speakers.

Additionally, there will be a poster session reporting the latest progress in Plant Biotechnology, PLANT KBBE, DPPN, IPAS, BoNaRes and related projects, a conference dinner, an elevator pitch and much more.

Plenary Presentation

All ongoing projects are picked for an oral presentation this year. You can find your slot in the program

Project coordinators are asked to submit their abstract by January 29, 2016.

Additionally, projects have the possibility to present the consortia’s progress within the poster session. In that case the abstract must be uploaded separately as a poster abstract.

The plenary presentations have different time slots. Please see the program for details. All speakers are kindly asked to adhere strictly to the given time frame. Presentations should give an overview of the progress made in all subprojects of the consortium. Emphasis should be laid on scientific results and not on the project proposal or consortia structure. 

A LC-projector and a laptop (MS Windows) will be available in the meeting room. Please upload your presentation during the last break before your time slot the latest. Due to time restrictions the use of your own laptop is not possible. If you like to use your own presenter or laser pointer please contact the technical staff when you upload your presentation.

If you are using MS PowerPoint we strongly recommend to use the "pack & go" function to avoid problems resulting from compatibility differences. It is also possible to use Adobe Acrobat, however using this form is discouraged. Other presentation software cannot be accepted.

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Posters & Elevator Pitch

Poster Session & Poster Submission

Poster presentation is a key element of the evaluation procedure in PLANT 2030 projects. Each individual PLANT 2030 subproject and each DPPN technology platform has to present at least one poster presenting the progress made on the poster session. The authors are kindly requested to stand next to their posters during this event. Additionally, posters will be displayed throughout the whole seminar. Especially the coffee breaks are ideal chances to meet your colleagues and discuss the work done within the subprojects.

If you like to contribute to the poster session it is crucial to upload an abstract for your poster first. This has to be done by January 29, 2016.

In addition ALL POSTERS HAVE TO BE HANDED IN BY February 29, 2016 as a portable document Format (PDF).

An upload procedure is available that allows you to submit a PDF of your poster. It is not sufficient to submit an abstract for the poster only! The submission of your poster PDF is required for the evaluation of the project by the funding agency.  

PLEASE NOTICE THAT WE WILL NOT PRINT YOUR POSTER! You will also have to bring the hardcopy of your presentation to the seminar.

Posters should not exceed the size of DIN A0 (portrait), which equals 841 mm x 1189 mm or 33.1 inch x 46.8 inch, as it is limited by the size of the movable walls.

Poster set-up may be accomplished on March 14, 2016. Drawing pins will be available at the hospitality desk. Posters should be removed at lunch break on March 16, 2016.

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Elevator Pitch

This year an elevator pitch will be an advertisement for the following poster session. Young researchers are encouraged to present their work in a condensed and goal-oriented way.

The name "elevator pitch" reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver a summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes. The term itself comes from a scenario of an accidental meeting with someone important in the elevator. If the conversation inside the elevator in those few seconds is interesting and value adding, the conversation will continue after the elevator ride or end in exchange of business card or a scheduled meeting. (, 27.09.2013)

The elevator pitch will be held on March 14, 2016 in the lecture hall.

The pitch will consist of very short presentations (2’). There will be one presentation per consortia of ongoing projects (i.e. Plant Biotechnology, PLANT KBBE, GlobE, DPPN, IPAS ...). Presenters should be PhD-students or Postdocs.  

If you like to participate in the pitch, please indicate this with your poster upload. If there are more participants than spaces for the pitch (max. 30 presentation), a selection board will make a pre-selection based on scientific excellence of the work presented in the abstract.  

The presentation should focus on the top-selling idea and result of a distinct poster presented within the poster session (ideally the presenter is the first author of the poster). The agenda is strictly regulated by a chairman.

The presenters can use MS PowerPoint slides or any other (creative) aid. If MS PowerPoint slides are used, they have to be handed on March 04, 2016. It is encouraged to be creative to leave an impression.

The presentation will be granted an award. The presentation will be judged democratically by all participants of the seminar.

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